Estimation of real estate in Paderborn

Do you want to know how much does your house, your property or your apartment cost? Do you need a market value report for filing with the tax office? Do you need expert opinion in the context of divorce or inheritance / donation? Do you need a mortgage valuation for your bank? There are many reasons for the need to evaluate real estate in Paderborn.

Our expert office is your competent assistant for property valuation in Paderborn. For each individual case, we always provide objective and expert support. Property valuation is a difficult task. In the context of evaluation, there are many factors to consider. Such as: rules, norms, type of building, condition of the building, situational moments. These are just a few factors that have a significant impact on the value of real estate. We will help identify each relevant factor affecting the market value, and professionally evaluate it in the general context, but the most important factor influencing the determination of market value is the current market situation with which we are competent in.




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I am your professional assistant in all aspects of property valuation, and I will be happy to advise you at all issues. Whether in the context of a detailed real estate appraisal, shortened examination of value, advice on buying a house, examination of the state of the building / determination of damage to the building, determination of the area, or only in the context of oral consultation.



  • Certified Expert (PersCert TÜV)
  • Targeted and independent real estate appraisal
  • Many years of experience as a real estate appraiser
  • Detailed and free initial consultation
  • If necessary, short-term order processing is also possible.
  • Serious service at a fair fixed price.

There are different reasons for the valuation of the apartment, house, commercial space or property to be determined by a real estate expert.

Accurate determination of the reason for evaluation

First of all, it must be determined what the real estate valuation is needed for. In the context of real estate expert valuation, the intended goal and its associated task should always come first, since the intended use determines the scope of our services.

To illustrate the need for this method, the following is an excerpt from a variety of market value determination reports:

  • Determination of the sale price
  • Revision of the purchase price ahead of time
  • Property valuation for divorce / property division
  • Real estate valuation in construction conflicts
  • Mortgage lending for submission to the bank
  • Land Rights Assessment
  • Evaluation of personal assets
  • Evaluation for submission to the tax inspectorate, inheritance tax
  • Property valuation in the context of business valuation
  • Real estate valuation for real estate accounting

Professional real estate appraisal occurs only in the second stage.

Under certain circumstances, a detailed assessment of the market value is not necessary, and for a real estate expert, an expert opinion or a short evaluation appraisal is sufficient, for example, in order to distinguish questionable offers from reliable ones.

In this case, we also need our consulting services. Together with you we will determine the exact reason for the need for property valuation. After that, we will decide together with the further procedure and scope of services.

In addition to the market valuation procedure, our list of services also includes:

  • Buying advice
  • Mortgage credit lending
  • Location analysis
  • Review Review
  • Rental Estimate
  • Determination of the area

Frequently Asked Questions about Property Valuation


First of all we need to contact. You can call us, write us a letter, write an email, or use our contact form. During our first conversation, we discuss your problem with you. First of all, you explain the reason for the valuation of the property. Then we decide together which particular set of services suits you.
Then we determine whether you need a full assessment of market value and whether you need expertise at a reduced cost, or whether just advice is sufficient.

After that, you will receive from me information about the fee and a list of all the necessary information for the preparation of documents on property valuation. If you do not have all the necessary documentation and information, this is not a problem. Just sign the power of attorney, and we will prepare for you all the necessary documents for real estate valuation.
After you have placed an order with us to determine the market value, purchase recommendations, calculation of living space, etc., we will arrange a meeting on the spot, during which the object of valuation is considered.

After inspecting the object, proceed to the actual work – determining the value of the property.
After that you will receive a report on the order.

The process in brief:

  1. Contact
  2. Determining the scope of services
  3. Determination of fee / Documentation
  4. Tour inspection
  5. Submitting the report.

In addition to conducting a market value assessment / market value report, we provide a list of services tailored to your needs. Together with you we will decide which service is right for you.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Creating of the market value estimates and market value reports
  • Preparing mortgage lending reports
  • Purchasing advices for all types of real estate
  • Brief estimates / shortened expert assessments of deficiencies in the survey of real estate
  • Roughness Inspections
  • General real estate consulting services.

What is the cost of evaluation? There is no unequivocal answer to this question.

The size, type and condition of the property are crucial.

According to the expert, factors such as the type, size and condition of the property, are important for the preparation of real estate valuation. We will provide you with a serious, honest and accurate proposal, only after a comprehensive picture of the scale of the assessment is compiled.

“The market value (commercial value) is determined by the price at the time of the object’s activities, in accordance with legal conditions and actual characteristics, other condition and location of the property or other appraisal object without consideration of unusual or personal circumstances.” (Legal definition in accordance with § 194 BauGB).

In other words:

Market value, or commercial value is the forecast of the most probable property price, or undeveloped plot, based on data corresponding to a specific date, taking into account all relevant characteristics, such as location, condition, conditions and legal norms.

Credit value is a term used in the field of credit organizations, which represents the size of the interest rate on a loan, which is likely to be realized over a long period. The credit value is the absolute upper limit to which a credit institution can provide loans in accordance with internal rules.

Determining the cost of mortgage lending is prescribed by the Decree on Mortgage Lending (BelWertV).

There are several methods for determining the value of real estate. The most common valuation methods, which are rated according to the regulations for determining real estate valuation ((ImmowertV), are:

  • method of real cost,
  • method of determining the value of future income from an investment activity object,
  • comparative method.

According to ImmoWertV, the determination of the real market value of the property is carried out by one of the above methods. The size of the real market value of the property is determined in accordance with paragraph § 194 BauGB.

Method of real cost:
The real value method is applied, as a rule, to real estate intended for personal use. As, for example, a one-apartment dwelling house, a house of ordinary development, a semi-detached house.

This is a process that is based on the cost of production.

The method of determining the value of future income from the object of investment activity (method of determining the value, according to income):
This method of determining the value focuses on the size of the projected income from real estate.

Typically, this method is used in evaluating apartment buildings, residential buildings and enterprises, office real estate, industrial real estate, hotels, nursing homes, etc.

Comparative method:
The method of comparative magnitude is based on a comparison of recently sold objects that are similar in appearance and scale of construction use, as well as position, year of construction, quality of construction work, condition, equipment, etc., by appropriate factors that can be sufficiently applied to the object of evaluation.

This method is mainly used in the evaluation of apartments of private property.

The tangible asset method is typically used for owner-occupied properties, such as single family homes, town houses, or two-family homes.

This is a process based primarily on production costs. However, since production costs say little about the commodity suitability of property, the characteristics of an object are regularly compared with a so-called market adjustment factor, or real estate value adjustment factor. Market adjustment factors are usually published by the review commission of the area concerned. The basis for the development of market adjustment factors is the collection of the procurement expert committee.

First of all, production costs are determined using tabular standard production costs. For real estate, which is not a new construction, it is necessary to take into account age restrictions. This leads to the structuring of material characteristics.

In addition to the actual value of the object, it is necessary to take into account the physical characteristics of external building structures (for example, paving, fencing, etc.), such as the value of the land.

This leads to the need for a preliminary assessment of the property, which in turn leads to a temporary market value using the appropriate market adjustment factor / material cost adjustment factor.

After taking into account all characteristics, including costs, such as: construction defects, damages, construction loads, road rights, etc., the final market value is derived.

The determination of the market value based on the material value in accordance with ImmoWertV is as follows:

The cost of building buildings:
- Age of construction
= Property value of structures
+ Cost of structural outdoor structures
+ Land value
= Material value (buildings and property)
x Evaluation factor
= Pre-market value
± Property Features
= Market value

The income capitalization method is an appraisal procedure that focuses on the expected income from the property. As a result, it is commonly used for apartment buildings, residential and commercial buildings, office buildings, industrial facilities, hotels, nursing homes, etc.

The most important for this is a D a consistently achievable gross profit, taking into account the location, condition and equipment of the respective valuation object.

First of all, a consistently achievable gross profit is determined, that is, rental income, which is assessed as sustainable and realistically achievable.

Net income refers to both the building and the land. Since the land has an infinite lifespan, but the building has a limited lifespan (exceptions include the listed buildings), the income from the value of the land is deducted from its net income. This helps in determining net income attributable solely to the construction part.

Net income associated with a share in construction leads to profitability of a building’s share through the use of a so-called multiplier. The multiplier is due to the residual useful life of the building and the interest rate on real estate.

After studying the related factors affecting the value, such as construction defects, damage, construction loads, road rights, etc., as well as the cost of land, the yield factor, the determination of market value based on the method of profitability in accordance with ImmoWertV can be schematically represented as follows:

Gross profit:
- Management costs
= Net income
- Land interest
= Net profit (share of buildings)
x Multiplier
= Revenue (building share)
+/- Other factors affecting value
+ Land value
= Amount of income

The comparative cost method is based on direct or indirect comparison of recently sold objects, which are quite similar in type and indicator of use and location of construction, year of construction, construction, condition, equipment, etc., and are also adequately adjusted by the relevant object evaluation factors.

To evaluate condominiums, it is advisable to use the comparison method, since many condominiums are priced at a square meter of living space.

The comparative cost method can always be used to evaluate condominiums if there are sufficient purchase prices for comparable apartments.

We evaluate the following types of real estate:

  • Single-family houses
  • Duplex houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Administrative buildings
  • Commercial real estate
  • Supermarkets and discounter real estate
  • Warehouse and industrial real estate
  • Logistics real estate
  • Hotel complexes
  • Grocery stores
  • Car dealerships
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Public real estate, such as museums, schools, swimming pools, etc.
  • Shopping centers
  • Land

The question of why you should hire a real estate expert, and in a particular case me, is quite justified.

The market is full of free real estate valuation offers. Perhaps in your particular case it is enough. It all depends on how accurate and in-depth property valuation you need. If you need an approximate market value for a standard property such as an apartment, a free review can be very useful.
This will give you an idea of ​​the current market situation.

However, if you need a reliable valuation of real estate, which takes into account all the characteristics and circumstances affecting the value, you cannot do without a real estate professional.

You will receive a real market value only in the context of an individual approach.

There are a huge number of property valuation experts. Someone provides a wide range of property valuation services, someone more narrowly specialized.

Real estate experts in Germany are not regulated by law. This activity does not require professional training and degree.

Any citizen who considers himself an expert can call himself an expert.

So why should you choose us? You do not have to do this. But regardless of who you hire, pay attention to the following points, which indicate the qualifications of the expert:

  • Is the expert certified, publicly appointed and sworn in?
  • Who was a certified expert? An association that depends on contributions, or an independent certification body?
  • Verified certification authorities (list may not be complete):
    • Sprengnetter
    • EiposCert
    • IQ-Zert
    • DIAZert
    • HypZert
    • Dekra
    • PersCert TÜV
  • The publicly appointed and certified experts of the above certification bodies undergo a comprehensive examination procedure, which takes into account all the necessary knowledge for real estate and land valuation.

Bureau Jens Krüger-Wertermittlung – Real Estate Appraisal is an expert office in the field of real estate appraisal and property valuation, the owner of which has been certified by the personnel certification body TÜV-Rheinland, PersCertTÜV. For certification, a comprehensive examination procedure was carried out.

Since October 2005, we have successfully won the market and since then have received many positive feedback from customers.

We guarantee you the provision of highly qualified, objective and timely service.